"In times where moms give their sons and daughters DJ-courses for their birthdays and bootlegging has become an Olympic sport, it is nice to hear live sets with a non standard in the genre mixing concept..."
Freak the Beat project began in 2012 when BZE escape from his normalized homeworld in a distant part of the cosmos and enter our solar system switching course to planet Earth.
Making a rought landing in New York City he started to play his music in a small club in Brooklyn. Seeking to share his musical universe, he decided to establish his underground lab in France developing the "We Are Not Robots !!!" theory.
For the next two years, he teleported himself around Europe, turning dancefloors into a retrofuturistic world and performing live sets located between Justice and 2Many Dj’s.
Unlike others electronic music show, Freak the Beat is not a Dj but uses their technology to defend the Human race against shit music, trading mainstream popularity and financial success for independance and creativity.
Off stage, he’s working on his own tracks combining funk, disco and rock influences mixed with powerfull basslines, sampled melodies and freaky beats.




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